Walmart Clearance Deals

There are some really good clearance deals posted online.  Here are some of the deals available on :

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That's what I said when I went to this website and took a look around.  OMG!

NoMoreRack is a website that offers INSANE deals (I'm not kidding they have insanity deals).

For example,

Sony Playstation Core System 160 GB at an amazing price of 26.54, and it's not an auction!!

They offer a variety of clothing, accessories, electronics, and all types of gizmos and gadgets!

Click here to check it out and see how it works!

Also, ask how you can earn FREE electronics just by referring your friends!  Try it today!!!

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Five Star Home Foods Sample Pack

Five Star Home Foods are giving away a sample pack of their delicious meals.  Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us to request a complimentary Five Star Home Foods sample package consisting of our delicious all-natural beef, chicken, pork and organic vegetables.
  2. A Five Star Culinary Consultant schedules a convenient time to visit with you and your family to build a meal plan. Choose from over 300 healthy options!
  3. Your order is scheduled for delivery to you within 2-3 weeks on a day and time that's convenient for you.
  4. A Five Star Delivery Specialist arrives at your houseand packs your new or existing freezer with your order. Each time you order, your Delivery Specialist rotates any remaining items to the front of your shelves before stocking your most recent order.
  5. Enjoy a gourmet grocery store in your garage! Visit the Five Star Kitchen to see what’s cooking and get tips and recipes from Chef Dan.

Offer currently only available in DE, MD, NJ, & PA.

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