Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AboutOne Review

AboutOne is company which helps family to organize personal files, information, as well as update family members on births, news, etc. I love the fact that you can add information pertaining to schools you have attended and your memories/milestones, as well as add a picture from that school year. You can provide complete birth details including the meaning of the name, doctor, and full hospital address. Another of my favorite features was the health section. It enables you to add your family's insurance information, extended details about the doctor, medication information, immunizations and much more. AboutOne also provides a selection of printable items such as family newsletters, caregiver/health records, education history, volunteer activity sheets, and capital gains sheets. You can also keep track of homes you have owned/rented currently and previously. I adore the family friendly appeal of the website and how everything is neatly organized under different sections. Each family has their own "page" with their most important details and fun stuff like the birthstone, Chinese horoscope sign, birth flower, Zodiac sign, and fun facts about when they were born. It also shows name, nickname, birthdate, anniversaries, marital status, and your own personal memories and milestones, along with scanned documents. For the frugal parents, there are tips on ways to save you time and money! All in all, AboutOne is by far a winner in my eyes. It is a very appealing website that helps to manage and organize your family history and includes many fun and helpful extras. You do have to pay with affordable pricing such as five dollars per month or 30 dollars per year, it is absolutely worth it.


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