Friday, October 15, 2010

Nivea® Body Happy Sensation®

Remember when you used to pillage on your mom or sister's dresser and play with her lotions and her Nivea@ Facial cleanser? Remember that fresh smell when you opened the jar of facial cream? Remember rubbing it everywhere it wasn't supposed to go? Don't act like it was just me, hahaha. Well, Nivea® has a new hit product! Nivea® Body Happy Sensation is a lotion that leaves your skin feeling fresh and beautiful. The scent is very light and it actually does smell like Orange Blossoms! So it's not one of those scents that leave that weird after-smells like some lotions do. After putting it on, my skin felt instantly rejuvenated and didn't leave a feeling like I forgot to wash some soap off my skin or make me itchy. It is definitely a winner in my book and it made my skin very happy!


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